Krista Lee Wolfe brings a depth and sensitivity to any artistic project that is well-received and in demand. A Seattle native, she was introduced to the art of mural painting at the age of 18 by her grandmother, muralist Teri Wamsley, when she went to live with her in Las Vegas. Together with her mother, they produced many murals around the city of Las Vegas; some public and many in private homes. Their largest public mural was produced for the Las Vegas Sports Center, 12 foot tall by 1,000 feet wide. Training alongside her grandmother, Krista had the opportunity to learn trompe l'oel, faux finishing, and many other techniques and styles. They completed several murals including pieces at well known casinos, and were invited into private homes for more personalized murals including everything from scenes of Italy in dining rooms to characters for children’s rooms.

Since moving back to Seattle, Krista has continued to work on her craft as an artist and painter, and, in the family tradition, designing and executing murals in both public and private spaces. Examples of her work can be found in Seattle, Issaquah, and Puyallup, as well as a substantial sized piece at the Wilderness Veterinary Hospital in Maple Valley, and at Museum Quality Framing in their Madison Park location. Working in a variety of mediums, Krista continues to beautify Seattle with her hanging art, reclamation framing projects, and as a curator for an artists cooperative in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. She is also frequently involved in projects for the Capitol Hill monthly art walk event. Krista’s continuing development as a muralist combines the classic skills and collaborative approach she learned working with her grandmother, as well as her own personal style as a painter of surrealism and ethereal impressionism.